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It’s important. It’s essential. It can also be a little intimidating. We have 100% faith that YOU can reach your fundraising goal! Your Walker Coach will work with you personally to develop a step-by-step fundraising plan that perfectly fits your busy life! Log in to your Participant Centre for more fundraising tools and resources.

Donation Deadline

  • Mailed donations must be postmarked by August 22, 2019 to be credited to your fundraising amount before the event.
  • You can fundraise online until December 31, 2019!
  • You can hand in last-minute donations during Event Check-In on Friday, September 6, or Saturday, September 7, 2019.
  • If you have not reached your fundraising goal by September 6, 2019, you can extend your fundraising deadline until November 8, 2019 by choosing to do a delayed self-pledge during the Online Check-In process.
  • A completed donation form must accompany each offline donation.
  • Visit the Resources section of our website to download a donation form.

Fundraising Minimums

  • 15 km OneWalk City Nights = $1,500
  • 15 km OneWalk Day Trip = $1,500
  • 25 km OneWalk Day Trip = $1,500
  • 40 km OneWalk Night + Day = $2,000
  • Virtual Walker = $500

Set Your Personal Page

We all have a story and this is your chance to tell yours. Once you’ve registered, log in to the Participant Centre and get started by updating your profile photo and Personal Page story.

Secure Your First Donation

Ask for your first donation today! Think of the people you can ask like your family, friends, and co-workers who won’t say no. Get that initial donation to start momentum. You can do it! The sooner you get started, the easier it will be to reach beyond your fundraising goal.

Create a List of Potential Donors

Write down the names of all the people in your life — family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, family doctor, auto mechanic — don’t leave anyone out. You know a lot of people!

Email Everyone

After registering, send a simple email to all of your contacts and don’t forget to include your Personal Page link. Include a note about why you are committed to OneWalk and inspire your donors to support you!

After a week, follow up with a phone call to everyone you emailed to secure a donation if they haven’t already donated online. You can also log in to your Participant Centre where you will find emails already written for you to send as follow-ups and thank-yous.


Reach people you’ve never met!

Have everyone you email forward your donation request to their friends and family. Use social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share your journey and encourage others to support you. Have family and friends distribute donation forms for you and talk to their contacts about supporting your OneWalk.

Fundraising Resources and Toolkit

Corporate Support

There are several ways you can ask your company to support you! Talk to management about a donation from the company or about donation matching. Corporate teams are also a great way to increase your fundraising all while encouraging camaraderie and adding to your company’s social responsibility.


Email Badge

Extend your fundraising reach by including the OneWalk email badge every time you click send! Personalized just for you, the email badge will display your fundraising goal and progress and link directly to your Personal Page where donations can be made. Log in and download today!

Media Toolkit

Do you want your community to know why you Walk? Let your local media know why you are participating in the 2019 OneWalk. Share your story or your fundraising event – it’s simple!

  • We all Walk for a reason. What is yours? Check out our ‘How-To-Guides’ for tips on how to contact your local media publications.
  • Have a fundraising or recruiting event coming up? Get the word out! Download and complete the Media Invitation below to send to your media contacts.

Need a hand?
We can help! Tell us more:


If you require additional support, contact us at: media.support@onewalk.ca

Fundraising Advisory

Invite your community to attend your own fundraising event! Send it to your local newspaper’s community calendar section with your name and participant ID, so those who are unable to attend can still donate to you via your Personal Page. Contact Maricruz Vazquez at mvazquez@causeforce.com if your story makes the news!

Donation Forms

Download an individual or team donation form using the links below and share with donors who prefer giving on paper.

Registration Form

Download a registration form and bring copies with you to your next registration rally and help us grow our community of Walkers!


Facebook Application

Engage your friends and family with our app for Facebook and expand your fundraising efforts to your social network. Once you download the app, you can share your fundraising progress, message your friends to support you, thank your donors, and use the OneWalk images for your profile picture and cover photo.


You may have heard the recent news that Facebook has now enabled fundraising tools across Canada. Facebook Fundraisers are a valuable tool to help you utilize the platform to fundraise from friends and family for your Walk.

It is important to know that Facebook Fundraisers do not automatically integrate with your OneWalk fundraising account. Before you get started, we wanted to provide you with guidelines to be sure you set up your Facebook Fundraiser in a way that is able to be tracked and credited to your OneWalk fundraising efforts.

How To Set Up Your Fundraiser

    1. Select Fundraisers on your Facebook navigation menu. This will be found on the left side of your browser for desktop devices and in the drop-down menu on Facebook mobile applications.
    2. From the Fundraisers screen, select the Raise Money button, you will be prompted to set up your fundraiser. Please follow the next steps to ensure your fundraiser will be recognized by OneWalk and properly credited to your OneWalk fundraising account.
    3. From the Who are you raising money for? menu, select Charity and search for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
    4. Upon selecting The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, you will be prompted to enter a dollar amount and end date for your fundraiser.
    5. On the next menu screen, update the title of your fundraiser to include your first and last name, OneWalk participant ID number and Rexall™ OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™. This is the only way OneWalk will be able to identify your fundraiser and your OneWalk information with your Facebook Fundraiser.
    6. Once you have completed this entry, continue on and create your fundraiser on the next menu screen.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Funds raised through Facebook Fundraising will take 60 to 90 days to be credited to your OneWalk fundraising account.
  • Funds raised through Facebook Fundraisers cannot be used for time-sensitive fundraising challenges.
  • To guarantee that funds raised will be allocated towards your event fundraising account be sure to follow each step above and include all relevant information as outlined.

As always, should you have questions, please contact your Walker Coach at [416] 815-WALK [9255] or email torontocoaches@onewalk.ca. We are here to help.

Download Our App (IOS & Android)

Take fundraising with you everywhere you go by downloading the OneWalk App for iPhone/iPad and Android Mobile/Tablet!

Support My Team Flyer

Recruit new Walkers or promote your fundraising initiatives by downloading our customizable Support My Team flyer.


Participant Centre

Your Participant Centre has all of the resources you need to jumpstart your fundraising! Send emails, find email templates, keep track of your donors and easily follow up with those who have supported you. Add your contacts from your address book, track your progress, and if you have a team, track their progress. Access your Personal Page and customize it with a photo and story about why you Walk.


Need to advertise a fundraising event? Download our fundraising flyer to attract donors to your fundraising event.



Planning a registration rally to recruit new member to your team? Download our flyer and post it in common areas to help promote your event.



Promote your fundraising initiatives by downloading our customizable Support My OneWalk flyer.

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