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1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. That is a staggering and frightening statistic. As we celebrated the 16th year of walking to conquer cancer, we were reminded of the thousands of people, who just like you, laced up their running shoes, trained and fundraised in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

The funds you have helped to raise have allowed The Princess Margaret to become one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world, delivering future care now. Many of our world-leading researchers are making the impossible possible thanks to the tremendous philanthropic support that comes from our Walkers, donors, volunteers and supporters.  Funds raised by the Rexall™ OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™ fuels the technologies being used to transform cancer care for Canadians.

At The Princess Margaret, we are always pushing the envelope. We don’t just invent technology. We build the facilities and the processes needed to impact every aspect of cancer care. This has allowed us to explore completely personalized approaches where we take images of the patient just before treatment, design the plan for them and treat them in ways we could never have achieved before. We are also continuously adopting new methods, including the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, to deliver precision medicine. To find out more about how The Princess Margaret is transforming cancer care for Canadians, download your copy of the latest “The Transformers” magazine here

In 2019, OneWalk will kick off with OneWalk: City Nights on Friday, September 6, with a 15-kilometre Night Walk through downtown Toronto. Then on Saturday, September 7, participants will hit the road for our all-new OneWalk: Day Trip for a 15 or 25-kilometre Day Walk through one of Ontario’s most stunning landscapes- Boyd Conservation Area, Kortright Area for Conservation and Kleiburg, including the McMichael Sculpture Garden.

I challenge you to lace up those sneakers, WALK ON with us and help Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.


Michael Burns President & CEO The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Participants in OneWalk raise funds for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world, to deliver future care now.  The 2018 Rexall™ OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™ raised $4.7 million. Since 2003, supporters of The Princess Margaret have walked to conquer cancer in all its forms. To date over $172 million has been raised.

About The Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. We are the largest cancer research and clinical program in Canada. As global leaders in cancer care, we have the expertise to treat over 200 types of cancers including the rarest forms of the disease.

The Princess Margaret has a rich history of research excellence, discovery and innovation. Every day, oncologists at The Princess Margaret combine clinical strength with the research expertise of more than 1,200 researchers to deliver breakthrough cancer research, treatments and patient-centred care.

As Canada’s largest and most comprehensive cancer research centre, The Princess Margaret is responsible for delivering the evidence and measuring the benefit of new treatments and new approaches to cancer care. The Princess Margaret is proud to lead the way in the creation and delivery of the new gold standard in cancer care: Personalized Cancer Medicine.

This new model of patient care will allow us to detect cancer earlier, diagnose cancer with more precision, target treatment more effectively and support patients and families through their cancer journey. By leveraging our research and clinical strength, we will continue to lead the way and deliver the evidence that will create Personalized Cancer Medicine for patients at The Princess Margaret, across Canada and around the world.

The new discoveries and innovative cancer therapies that are changing cancer care for patients globally are happening right here in Canada at The Princess Margaret.

The Princess Margaret is/has

  • The world leader in cancer stem cell research
  • A world leader in image-guided therapeutics
  • A world leader in lung cancer research and treatment
  • A world leader in patient survivorship program development
  • An emerging leader in breast cancer research and discovery
  • World first discoveries: The Stem Cell, T-Cell Receptor and Cancer Stem Cell
  • The world’s largest and most advanced single-site radiation medicine program.
  • Canada’s most comprehensive immunotherapy program
  • Largest first-in-human clinical trial program in Canada with 1 in 5 patients participating in more than 600 trials

The Princess Margaret offers comprehensive cancer care across 13 disease sites:

  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Gynecologic
  • Genitourinary
  • Head and Neck
  • Central Nervous System
  • Lymphoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Leukemia
  • Eye
  • Endocrine
  • Skin

2017 By the Numbers:

  • The Princess Margaret treats over 200 types of cancer through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, psychosocial and palliative care.
  • New patients: 17,751
  • Outpatient chemo visits: 37,754
  • Radiation visits: 91,517
  • Outpatient Clinic visits per day*: 1,652
  • Stem cell transplants: 416
  • Surgeries*: 6,031
  • *Approx. average based on five-day week

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is a member of the University Health Network, which also includes Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. All are research hospitals affiliated with the University of Toronto. For more information, go to www.uhn.ca.

Funds raised through Rexall™ OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™ support Personalized Cancer Medicine research, treatment advances, education and new standards of care at The Princess Margaret and across Ontario.

Click here for more information on why the Princess Margaret is one of the Top 5 Cancer Research Centres in the world.

What is Personalized Cancer Medicine?

At The Princess Margaret, we lead the way in Personalized Cancer Medicine, a new integrated approach to cancer treatment. Nearly one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer.  And every individual’s cancer is unique.

A patient’s genetic information is used to more precisely diagnose their cancer and provide the most effective treatment. At Princess Margaret, one of the top 5 cancer centres in the world, we have always focused on the individual needs of each patient and not just their disease.


  • Award-winning clinical programs to assist patients and families.
  • Recruited highly skilled physicians and scientists who have the expertise to lead research projects and clinical studies that improve the standard of care for patients.
  • Built integrated teams of engineers, bioinformatics specialists and medicinal chemists. These teams are translating new technology and discoveries into improved therapies that will help more patients sooner.


If cancer is detected at an early stage, the prognosis for a complete remission is much improved. Our research teams are working on many early detection initiatives, including:

  • Developing and testing better imaging equipment so small tumours can be seen more clearly.
  • Identifying unique ‘markers’ of cancers that can be detected in blood and serum tests.


New equipment and procedures that determine the specific genetic mutations or changes, giving rise to patient cancer, are being tested at The Princess Margaret. This information will enable the experts to recommend the optimal combination of drug and other therapies for successfully treating each patient.


Improved surgical, radiation and drug treatments will target only cancerous cells, leaving healthy tissue alone while also minimizing toxic side effects. Our scientists and doctors are testing new treatments that can more effectively detect and eradicate cancer cells, leading to more durable cures.


Being well informed about their respective disease and the treatment they will receive, in addition to its side effects, will give patients and their families more confidence, reduce anxiety and lead to improved quality of life. Our award-winning survivorship, patient education and psychosocial support programs need to be expanded so that more patients are able to be empowered throughout their personal cancer journey.

Our strong, innovative culture has made this Cancer Centre a world leader in research and treatment. With your continued support of OneWalk to Conquer Cancer, we can continue to lead the way in Personalized Cancer Medicine.

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Medical Director, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


Interested in learning more about the true impact of your fundraising dollars within one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world? Princess Margaret Cancer Centre invites you for an up-close look through its OneWalk Insider tour.

What Is The OneWalk Insider Tour?

  • A free hour-and-a-half tour and presentation that allows you to see and hear the impact that your fundraising dollars are having at The Princess Margaret.
  • The chance to view its world-class radiation centre, key researcher labs, new research tower, surgical suite and/or a clinical area of interest (pending individual tour accommodations).
  • An opportunity to hear from world-renowned doctors, researchers and radiation oncologists whose work has been directly impacted by OneWalk to Conquer Cancer.



The OneWalk Insider Tour is open to everyone: Walkers, potential Walkers, family, friends and donors! Tours generally run February Through August on weekdays from 5-7 p.m.

Click here for a calendar of available dates.


Do you need more information? We are interested in speaking with you about our OneWalk Insider tour.

Contact Silva Karogaz at silva.karogaz@thepmcf.ca for any questions.


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